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Shipping charges are computed by the internal store software.  Every item we sell has been weighed and as you place items in your cart, the weight is added up.  Approximately .8 of a pound is added to the total for the packing materials, and the store software, using your zip code and address, goes directly to the UPS ( site to get the exact shipping charges for the weight of the shipment to your destination address.  We add $1.00 for handling (covers costs of packing materials and UPS miscellaneous charges like the rent of the label machine and pickup costs).
You do need to enter your address information in order to see what the shipping charges will be, but you do NOT have to commit to the purchase if you do not like the charges.  You are usually offered a number of choices, starting with ground delivery up to the most expensive which is AM Overnight. 
All the shipments are insured and the cost of the insurance is already present in the cost that you are shown on the checkout page.

Shipping Policies 

  • UPS (United Parcel Service)
    • Please make sure the shipping address fits the following:
      • A valid street address
      • No PO or APO Boxes
      • All necessary delivery information is included - for example:
        • Suite, Apartment, Unit Numbers/Letters
        • Route Numbers, Floors, Department Names, etc
    • UPS charges for incorrect address information and we WILL pass the charge along to you
  • USPS (United States Post Office)
    • Picked up once a week (twice at the most)
    • The shipping times reflect the timing once the package is in the possession of the Post Office
    •  "2 Day" (or other descriptive nomenclature) will mean from the moment the Post Office has the package - not the moment you place the order
    • The Post Office doesn't necessarily start the shipping process of your item the day they pick it up.  They have frequently waited for several days after they pick up the packages to begin processing them.  We have no control over what they do when they have the packages.
    • Tracking numbers can be provided, but we do not get them until the following time the post office comes to pick up the packages.
  • Shipping charges include insurance 
  • We reserve the right to ship by alternate methods - every effort will be made to use requested shipping
  • No orders are processed Friday through Sunday
  • If receiving time is important, UPS is the best shipping method to select
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