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Coin Cleaners

  • Please Note:
    • Cleaning your coins could reduce their value
    • Most collectors view cleaning coins as unacceptable
    • You should test first on a non-valuable coin of the same type
    • We will not be held responsible for:
      • Loss of value
      • Damage to the coin
      • Any of the claims made by the manufacturer
    • We do not exchange or accept returns on coin cleaning liquids
    • Most liquids CANNOT be sent via USPS (US Mail)  They MUST ship via UPS.  Please select UPS shipping when checking out.
There are many books and articles on cleaning and preserving coins, which we recommend that you check carefully before using any of these products. 
The liquid cleaners (and therefore all additional items on the order) can only be shipped by UPS Ground
e*Z*est Coin Cleaner e*Z*est Coin Cleaner

  • Gold, Silver or Copper
  • 5 ounce Jar
e*Z*est Coin Cleaner - Gallon e*Z*est Coin Cleaner - Gallon

  • Silver, Copper or Gold
Coin Care Coin Care

  • 2 oz Metal Bottle
  • Will not take off original patina
  • Removes Surface Dirt
  • Adds protective coating
Nic-A-Lene Nic-A-Lene

Nic-A-Tone Nic-A-Tone

Nic-A-Spray Nic-A-Spray

Nic-A-Date Nic-A-Date

Nic-A-Rag Nic-A-Rag

Nic-A-Brush Nic-A-Brush

MS-70 Coin Cleaner MS-70 Coin Cleaner

  • Industrial Strength
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